Rage Room (F.O.C) Childbirth Experience

Price: RM35/pax

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Rage Room – In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stress and frustration can build up, creating a pressure cooker of emotions within us. That’s where the Vent House comes in, offering a unique and therapeutic space for individuals to unleash and liberate their pent-up feelings.

Our specially designed rooms provide a safe and controlled environment for you to express yourself freely. Whether you need to scream, shout, or break things, the Vent House is the place to let it all out without judgment. Release the tension, break free from the constraints, and rediscover your sense of calm.

ChildBirth Experience – Experience the miracle of childbirth like never before! Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way in a comfortable and caring environment. With personalized care and modern facilities, we ensure a memorable and positive birthing experience. Embrace the joy of welcoming new life in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Trust us to make your childbirth journey extraordinary and filled with moments to cherish.

!!!We Providing Protective Gear: Supply complimentary safety kits, including helmets, goggles, etc., to ensure participants can protect themselves during their venting activities.

In Game Capacity

Minimum 2Pax & Maximum 6Pax

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